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Title Date published
Ep. #533: Radley Balko, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian 2020-06-13
Ep. #532: Michael Render, Frank Figliuzzi 2020-06-06
Ep. #531: Tom Colicchio, Ian Bremmer 2020-05-30
Ep. #530: Thomas Friedman, Dr. Cate Shanahan 2020-05-23
Ep. #529: Rep. Justin Amash, Amy Holmes 2020-05-09
Ep. #528: Eric Holder, Bret Stephens 2020-05-02
Ep. #527: Nancy Pelosi, Dr. David Katz 2020-04-25
Ep. #526: Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Fareed Zakaria 2020-04-18
Ep. #525: Bill de Blasio, Al Gore 2020-04-11
Ep. #524: Mayor Eric Garcetti, Max Brooks 2020-04-04
Ep. #523: David Ropeik, Andrew Zimmern 2020-03-14
Overtime – Episode #522: Brian Cox, Rachel Bitecofer, Caitlin Flanagan, Anthony Scaramucci, Ross Douthat 2020-03-07
Ep. #522: Rachel Bitecofer, Brian Cox 2020-03-07
Overtime – Episode #521: Nicholas Kristof, Dr. Anne Rimoin, EJ Dionne, Jane Kleeb, Buck Sexton 2020-02-29
Ep. #521: Dr. Anne Rimoin, Nicholas Kristof 2020-02-29
Overtime – Episode #520: Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Katie Couric, Van Jones, Bret Stephens 2020-02-15
Ep. #520: Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal 2020-02-15
Overtime – Episode #519: Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Gillum, Sarah Isgur, Ezra Klein 2020-02-08
Ep. #519: Steve Bannon, Fareed Zakaria 2020-02-08
Overtime – Episode #518: Michael Eric Dyson, Mitch Landrieu, Mikie Sherrill, Rick Wilson 2020-02-01

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