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Title Date published
TWiT 929: Soused Women and $4 Potatoes - AI Spoof, Twitter and DeSantis 2023-05-28
TWiT 928: SCOTUS Didn't Read My Briefs - TikTok Montana ban, Instagram's Twitter clone, Tears of the Kingdom 2023-05-21
TWiT 927: The Cheese Tax - AI ethics, Google IO, Absci, Replika, AM radio in cars, Spotify rejects AI songs 2023-05-14
TWiT 926: Bias, Hallucinations, and Jail Breaks - AI chatbots, Writer's Guild strike, Pluto ad-supported TV 2023-05-07
TWiT 925: Gradually Then Suddenly - Bluesky, the end of Twitter, Flipper Zero, Supreme Court and AI 2023-04-30
TWiT 924: Three Spiders a Night - Musk risk intensifies, UK emergency alert, Google AI panic, Parrots on Zoom 2023-04-23
TWiT 923: Intelligence Explosion - Substack Notes, AI guardrails, WWDC, Meta morale, HBO Max, X Corp 2023-04-16
TWiT 922: AI Hustlers - Bloomberg's large language model, Twitter open source code, E3 Cancelled, Sony Q Lite 2023-04-09
TWiT 921: The Swiftie Panel - Apple Pay Later, Twitter Alternative, April Fool's 2023-04-02
TWiT 920: Biological Bootloaders - Apple VR Goggles, TikTok Ban, Twitter Source Code Leak 2023-03-26
TWiT 919: Hallucinating Bagels - GPT-4, TikTok's looming fate, Internet Archive vs Libraries, Olympic Esports 2023-03-19
TWiT 918: Rational Minds Have Prevailed - Silicon Valley Bank collapse, FCC nominee Gigi Sohn, Apple headset 2023-03-12
TWiT 917: Pwn Not Bone - AI as parlor trick, LastPass hack detailed, Xerox Alto, TikTok ban, blogger registry 2023-03-05
TWiT 916: Fetch Happens - Section 230, NSA surveillance, Spotify podcasts flop, Apple Watch ban 2023-02-26
TWiT 915: AI Eye Contact - AI explosion, what ails Google, Section 230, Susan Wojcicki, Twitter SMS 2FA 2023-02-19
TWiT 914: Autonowashing - Microsoft AI Search, CPU Decline, Google Bard 2023-02-11
TWiT 913: Impractical Shorts - Netflix password sharing, big tech earnings, Twitter API, Jony Ive 2023-02-05
TWiT 912: Let Me Consult My AI Lawyer - AI everywhere, Hive hacked, Microsoft earnings, To Leslie, @ElonJet 2023-01-29
TWiT 911: You Toot Too, Right? - Twitter API fallout, Section 230, TikTok ban, tech layoffs, AmazonSmile RIP 2023-01-22
TWiT 910: It's a Myrkl - CES 2023 Recap, ChatGPT and Plagiarism, Twitter API, 2016 Election and Twitter 2023-01-15

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