<p>What makes something a hobby? Sydnee Washington is about to find out. She’s interviewing her sexy friends and hot comedians about their hobbies every week, in hopes that she can find herself a new one. Because collecting lights, cooking, and starting fights on the internet just isn’t enough. Or maybe it is?</p>


Title Date published
Roller Skating: Rich Bitch Energy with Laci Mosley 2021-06-09
Baking: Egg Juice with Demi Adejuyigbe 2021-06-02
Sleep: Everyday My Goal is to Get Back to Bed with Mary Beth Barone 2021-05-26
A Little Bit of Everything: Don’t Give Up on Dead Plants with Janelle James 2021-05-19
Tik Tok: Hot Girls with Cats with Grace Kuhlenschmidt  2021-05-12
Pole Dancing: Titties and Motorcycles with Nicole Byer 2021-05-05
Drawing: Disney Villains and My Ass with Matteo Lane 2021-04-28
30-Day Challenges: Where Were You Syd with Aminah Imani 2021-04-21
Watching TV: Survivor and Cadbury Eggs with Liza Treyger 2021-04-14
Comic Books and The Knicks: Bad Dad with Jason Concepcion 2021-04-07
Pottery: Squirrel It Away with Mitra Jouhari 2021-03-31
Video Games: Capital G Gamer with Bowen Yang 2021-03-24
Meditation: Pigeons Cooing with Greta Titelman 2021-03-17
Skincare: Acting Like a True Derm with Benito Skinner 2021-03-10
Interior Design: The Art of Buying Shit with Dewayne Perkins 2021-03-03
Books and Fake Shopping: Relegated with Caleb Hearon and Shelby Wolstein 2021-02-24
UV Resin: Arts & Crafts Management with Dulcé Sloan 2021-02-17
Drag: The Art of Drag and Wigatry with Monique Heart 2021-02-10
Collecting Basketball Cards: Mint Condition with Amir Blumenfeld 2021-02-03
Dating: The Story, The Dick, The Dinner with Marie Faustin 2021-01-27

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