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Title Date published
E46: $15,000 In Passive Cash Flow From 1 Property In 1 Year 2020-04-03
E45: Fundamentals Of Property Investing Matter More Than Ever 2020-04-02
E46: How To Reduce Your Living Expenses 2020-03-31
E44: Mindset - How To Stay In Flow Through Tough Times 2020-03-27
E43: Full Market Update - 2020 & The Mid Cycle Slow Down 2020-03-26
BONUS: Mid Cycle Slow Down - Are We In It? 2020-03-24
BONUS: How To Pay Off Your Home In 15 Years (Or Investment) 2020-03-17
BONUS: The Ultimate Advice For Every Investor 2020-03-10
BONUS: How To Manage Your Money Like A Boss 2020-03-03
BONUS: Hidden Costs To Budget For When Buying An Investment Property 2020-02-25
BONUS: How To Set Property Investment Goals 2020-02-18
E42: How To Become A Property Millionaire - Step By Step 2020-01-31
BONUS: 5 Tips For Negotiating - Investment Property 2019-12-16
BONUS: My Plan To Replace $150,000 Worth Of Income 2019-12-08
E41: Phil Anderson & I Talk Cycles & What's To Expect Next | The #PumpedOnProperty Show 2019-12-01
BONUS: How Owen Bought 3 Properties Before He Was 30 2019-11-24
E40: Why Financial Freedom Matters 2019-11-17
E39: From Sydney To Brisbane - Tom's Experiences With Property 2019-11-11
E38: Habits That Have Transformed my Life 2019-11-04
BONUS: How Kristal's Crushing The Property Investment Game 2019-10-28

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