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Title Date published
Quick Take: Race/Whiteness In 2016 2016-05-24
Live Weekly Roundup: Friday, May 20 2016-05-20
Quick Take: Third Party Candidates 2016-05-17
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, May 12 2016-05-12
Quick Take: Federal Government, North Carolina Trade Lawsuits Over LGBT Law 2016-05-09
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, May 5 2016-05-05
Quick Take: Kasich Out, Trump Apparent Nominee 2016-05-04
Quick Take: Trump And Sanders Win Indiana; Cruz Drops Out 2016-05-04
Quick Take: When Athletes Endorse 2016-05-02
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, April 28 2016-04-28
Quick Take: Vice President Carly Fiorina? 2016-04-27
Quick Take: April 26 Primary Results 2016-04-27
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, April 21 2016-04-21
Quick Take: New York Primary Results 2016-04-20
Weekly Roundup: Friday, April 15 2016-04-15
Inside HBO's 'Confirmation': When NPR Broke The Anita Hill Story 2016-04-13
Can Candidates Pay Delegates? A Contested Convention FAQ 2016-04-11
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, April 7 2016-04-08
Quick Take: Wisconsin Primary Results 2016-04-06
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, March 31 2016-03-31

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