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Title Date published
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, June 22 2017-06-22
Health Care/Listener Mail 2017-06-19
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, June 15 2017-06-15
GOP Baseball Practice Shooting 2017-06-15
Jeff Sessions Testifies 2017-06-14
James Comey Testifies 2017-06-09
London, the President's Tweets, Listener Mail 2017-06-05
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, June 1 2017-06-02
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, May 25 2017-05-26
President Trump Overseas 2017-05-22
Special Counsel Appointed For Russia Probe 2017-05-18
"I hope you can let this go." 2017-05-18
Comey FAQ/Listener Mail 2017-05-15
Weekly Roundup: Thursday May 11 2017-05-12
President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey 2017-05-10
Sally Yates Testifies 2017-05-09
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, May 4 2017-05-05
Shutdown Averted; GOP Healthcare Push Continues 2017-05-01
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, April 27 2017-04-28
Shutdown Deadline Approaches On Trump's 100th Day 2017-04-25

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