Parsha in Progress is the latest podcast by Tablet Magazine. Perfect for anyone interested in the Bible, every other week hosts Rabbi Dov Linzer and author Abigail Pogrebin, an Orthodox rabbi and a Reform Jew, delve into a Biblical issue and story, and discuss how this ancient text takes on modern meaning and brings modern challenges. With humor, love, and insight, these focused discussions follow the schedule of the weekly parsha readings in synagogue.


Title Date published
What Does Charity Mean? (Emor): Ep. 17 2019-05-13
Offloading of Sins (Achrei Mot): Ep. 16 2019-04-29
Broken Tablets (Passover Reading): Ep. 15 2019-04-15
Banishing the Sick (Tazria): Ep. 14 2019-04-01
Nadav and Abihu (Shemini): Ep. 13 2019-03-18
Animal Sacrifices (Vayikra): Ep. 12 2019-03-04
The Golden Calf (Ki Tisa): Ep. 11 2019-02-18
Does God Need a House? (Terumah): Ep. 10 2019-02-04
The Ten Commandments (Yitro): Ep. 9 2019-01-24
The Crossing of the Red Sea (Beshalach): Ep. 8 2019-01-10
The Early Life of Moses (Shemot): Ep. 7 2018-12-27
Good, Evil, and the Riddle of Free Will (Vayechi): Ep 6 2018-12-13
Do Good Intentions Matter? (Vayeshev): Ep 5 2018-11-29
The Rape of Dinah (Vayishlach): Ep. 4 2018-11-22
Jacob and Esau (Toldot): Ep 3. 2018-11-08
The Binding of Isaac (Vayera): Ep 2 2018-10-18
In The Beginning (Bereshit): Ep 1 2018-10-04

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