In season two of THE CONTROL GROUP (Civil Defense), the airwaves are filled with announcements of a nuclear attack on the United States. As panic threatens the community of New Canaan, a housewife (Tess Malis Kincaid) tries to protect her daughter (Allie Ficken) from both the atomic and the human dangers that surround them. Woven throughout the story are fragments of “Quasar-1,” an animated children’s television program about a space pilot (Hannah Fierman) assigned to protect a distant planet from self-destruction.


Title Date published
S2 E7: Epilogue 2021-08-11
S2 E6: Make Believe 2021-08-04
S2 E5: The Fortress 2021-07-28
S2 E4: A Prophecy 2021-07-21
S2 E3: L.M.O.E. 2021-07-14
S2 E2: Shelter 2021-07-07
S2 E1: Red Alert 2021-06-30
Introducing The Control Group: Civil Defense 2021-06-23
S1 E10: Terminal Studies 2018-08-08
S1 E9: Midnight Climax 2018-08-01
S1 E8: Cages 2018-07-25
S1 E7: Charlotte 2018-07-18
S1 E6: SIHE 2018-07-11
E1 E5: Sodium Amytal 2018-06-27
S1 E4: Phenobarbital 2018-06-27
S1 E3: Psychic Driving 2018-06-27
S1 E2: Sleep Therapy 2018-06-27
S1 E1: ECT 2018-06-27
The Control Group: Trailer 2018-06-20

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