Under The Influence gives you a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry. Join host and adman Terry O’Reilly for fascinating stories that connect the ...


Title Date published
S8E12 - Objection Overruled: Law Firm Advertising 2019-03-21
S8E11 - Air Quality: Rule-Breaking Radio Advertising 2019-03-14
S8E10 - Distress Purchases 2019-03-07
S2E24 (Archive) - This I Know 2019-03-05
S2E25 (Archive) - Dear Terry 2019-03-05
S8E09 - Unwitting Endorsers 2019-02-28
S2E19 (Archive) - Nothing In Common: How Hollywood Portrays Ad People 2019-02-25
S2E20 (Archive) - Real Time Advertising 2019-02-25
S2E21 (Archive) - Nobody's Dead Anymore: Marketing Deceased Celebrities 2019-02-25
S8E08 - Putting The Woo In Hollywood: Marketing The Movies 2019-02-21
S2E15 (Archive) - Game Shows As Marketing 2019-02-19
S2E16 (Archive) - Loss Leaders: How Companies Profit By Losing Money 2019-02-19
S2E17 (Archive) - Brand Envy 2013 2019-02-19
S8E07 - The Most Interesting Adman in The World: The Story of Albert Lasker (An Encore Presentation) 2019-02-14
S2E11 (Archive) - Tales of Customer Service 2019-02-11
S2E12 (Archive) - Selling Danger 2019-02-11
S2E14 (Archive) - Famous Marketing Blunders 2019-02-11
S8E06 - The Pompatus of Skippy: Brand Names In Songs 2019-02-07
S2E08 (Archive) - Coming Soon: The Art of the Movie Trailer 2019-02-04
S2E09 (Archive) - Marketing Stunts 2019-02-04

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