Jay Campbell is the Amazon Best Selling author of three change-making books in the optimization health care space. The 2018 release and #1 overall Men’s Health book, The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life. The 2017 IF masterpiece, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet-The Ultimate Guide for Optimizing Intermittent Fasting: Burn Fat, Preserve Muscle, Enhance Focus and Transform Your Health. The 2015 released and #1 5 Star Rated book of all time on TRT/TOT, The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How To Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Health and Happiness. Jay is also the Founder of TOTRevolution.com and the TOT Revolution Podcast. Jay, along with his wife Monica, also founded FabFitOver40.com which is the top online destination for fitness over 40 information.


Title Date published
How to Insulate Yourself Against a Toxic, Hostile Environment With Optimization w/Daniel Kelly 2019-03-19
The Role of Hormones & Solar Patterns in Global Cycles of Culture & History w/Roy Barzilai 2019-03-12
How Becoming Devotional, Quitting Alcohol & Getting Optimized Changed Our Lives w/Adam Lamb 2019-03-05
Why It's Critical to Create Longitudinal Data Points for Biomarkers w/Dr. Catherine Johnson 2019-02-26
Treat the Patient, Not The Lab Measurement Numbers w/Scott Otey & John Fogerty from Summit Rejuvenation Centers 2019-02-19
How to Bring the Correct Treatment of TBI into Mainstream Healthcare w/Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr 2019-02-12
The Use and Benefits of Micro-Point Stimulation w/Kelly Armstrong 2019-02-05
Training & Diet Protocols for the Aging Athlete w/Scott Mendelson 2019-01-29
How to Help Chemically Castrated Women Get Their Health Back w/Victoria Felkar 2019-01-22
Therapeutic Testosterone Myths and Misconceptions- Part 2 w/ Dr. Scott Howell and Dr. Keith Nichols 2019-01-16
Therapeutic Testosterone Myths and Misconceptions- Part 1 w/ Dr. Scott Howell and Dr. Keith Nichols 2019-01-15
Gray Market Anabolics, Arachidonic Acid, and Making Cycles Safer w/Bill Llewellyn 2019-01-08
The Role of Estradiol in Fat Accumulation & Sexual Function w/Dr. Neal Rouzier 2019-01-03
The Relationship Between Estrogen, Bone Density, Body Composition & Prostate Cancer w/Dr. Neal Rouzier 2019-01-02
Estrogen In Men: Good, Bad, Indifferent? An Evidence-Based Review for Optimal Health w/Dr. Neal Rouzier 2019-01-01
Inner Work, Emotional Sensitization & Being Proactive About Our Health w/ Dr. Michael Miletic 2018-12-25
The Fragile Human System & How to Get Our Health Back w/Dr. Daniel Stickler 2018-12-18
EDCs, Hypogonadism, & Why Men Need Testosterone Now More Than Ever w/Dr. Keith Nichols 2018-12-11
How Medical Cost Sharing Will Create an Affordable, Sustainable & Scalable Healthcare System w/James Maskell 2018-12-04
Why Stem Cell Therapy Is the New Frontier in Medicine w/Dr. Kristin Comella 2018-11-27

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