From the automobile to the rocket ship, from chewing gum to the TV dinner, from the first face in a photograph to the first voice on the telephone, the world has been forever changed by impossible technologies and startling ideas. But these inventions do not always make the world a better place. These are the stories of The First, a podcast exploring the history of human innovation, focusing less on iconic inventors and more on the forgotten geniuses and everyday people that were responsible for bringing us the tools of the modern world. Brought to you by Greg Young of the Bowery Boys podcast.


Title Date published
The Calling: Thomas Watson and the First Telephone 2016-12-02
Every Day Is Thanksgiving: The History of the TV Dinner 2016-11-18
Miss Draper: The First Woman Ever Photographed 2016-11-04
The Wheel: Ferris' Big Idea 2016-10-28
TRAILER Introducing The First 2016-10-11

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