Part mix tape, part sonic love-letter, the Open Ears Project is a daily podcast where people share the classical track that means the most to them. Each episode offers a soulful glimpse into other human lives, helping us to hear this music—and each other—differently. The Open Ears Project is produced by WQXR and WNYC Studios, home of great podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, On the Media, Nancy, and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin.


Title Date published
BONUS: Tom Hiddleston on The Nutcracker 2019-12-20
30. Esther Perel on Peace 2019-10-09
29. Krystal Hawes on Imperfection 2019-10-08
28. Dessa on Patience 2019-10-07
27. Jesse Eisenberg on History 2019-10-06
26. Christopher Wheeldon on A Journey 2019-10-05
25. Megan Reid on What Changed My Life 2019-10-04
24. Terrance McKnight on Overcoming Adversity 2019-10-03
23. Justin Jackson on Imagination 2019-10-02
22. Alison Stewart on Just Letting Go 2019-10-01
21. Daniel Libeskind on Perspective 2019-09-30
20. Jacqui Cheng on Resolution 2019-09-29
19. Wynton Marsalis on Time and Consciousness 2019-09-28
18. Eva Chen on Nourishing The Soul 2019-09-27
17. Eddie Izzard on Elevation 2019-09-26
16. J'nai Bridges on Forgiveness 2019-09-25
15. Joe Young on How We Listen 2019-09-24
14. Robert Macfarlane on A Quiet Kind Of Miracle 2019-09-23
13. Nicola Benedetti on Empathy 2019-09-22
12. Lee Hill on Finding Your Truth 2019-09-21

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