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Title Date published
David Rosenberg: stocks, yields headed lower 2019-03-21
Art Berman: The world is still over-supplied with oil 2019-03-14
Barry Ritholtz: Quantitative tightening is not a good reason to be bearish 2019-03-07
Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Donald Trump never expected to win. He ran for President to pursue an ulterior motive. 2019-03-01
Luke Gromen: The “Dollar End Game” has already begun! 2019-02-22
Francesco Filia: Stock market CRASH entirely possible 2019-02-15
Alex Gurevich: Interest rate momentum is an excellent predictor of equity market performance 2019-02-07
Grant Williams: The Trouble in Europe Has Only Just Begun 2019-02-01
Russell Napier: PBOC dictating global inflation 2019-01-24
Charlie McElligott: Fear the Steepener 2019-01-16
Chris Cole: The ‘BIG ONE’ (Vol event) hasn’t happened yet. 2019-01-11
Marin Katusa: Oil, Steel & Diamonds on the Natural Resources Radar 2019-01-03
Year-end Special: Best Market Calls of 2018 2018-12-27
Daniel Want: Systems View of OTC Derivatives 2018-12-21
Prof. Edward Altman: High Yield Benevolent Cycle Not Yet Over 2018-12-13
Juliette Declercq: “Dovish Pivot” is not a game-changer yet 2018-12-07
Julian Brigden: Secular Bond Bear Doesn’t Preclude Significant Rallies 2018-11-30
Jeffrey Christian: Investment demand for precious metals is bottoming 2018-11-22
Keith McCullough: Bond Yields May Have Peaked 2018-11-16
BONUS: Beyond Blockchain Audiobook Chapter 1 2018-11-14

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