Lynette Carolla, and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor are two mothers of twins just trying not to eff it up. In this raucous hour of conversation they, along with Producer Caelan Biehn, a father of two young girls, cover a range of topics from marriage, divorce and the space in between, to what they’re watching, where they’re going (Target) and how they manage to look so damn young. The format is informative, loose and most of all entertaining. If you’re looking for parenting advice you’ve come to the wrong place but when you hear their honest, unfiltered experiences you may come away knowing what NOT to do. Put them in your ears while you clean your floors or walk your dog and let them keep you company during what will surely become your favorite hours of the week. New shows come out Tuesdays and Fridays.


Title Date published
Trolling Classic Children's Books 2017-07-28
Disneyland Divas 2017-07-25
Beach Day Was A Mistake 2017-07-21
Don't Be A Snowplow Parent 2017-07-18
No Room At The Inn In My Brain 2017-07-14
I'm A Slip-Outer 2017-07-11
God, Help Me Out Here 2017-07-07
I Blame The Mom 2017-07-04
Don't Be Uncool 2017-06-30
No Is A Sentence 2017-06-27
Are You High? 2017-06-23
What Are You Trying To Prove? 2017-06-22
Amnesia 2017-06-16
Im Gonna Beat Him With A Stick 2017-06-13
i Dont Have To Defend Myself 2017-06-09
Mommy's Not Going To That 2017-06-06
Its All About Being Woke 2017-06-02
Please Don't Lick The Rug Teresa Strasser 2017-06-01
Another Bachelorette vs Rose Pricks 2017-05-26
Whats Up With Kids Not Being Hungry? 2017-05-23

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