World-renowned criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos reveals the latest in our nation's most high-profile legal cases with podcast king Adam Carolla. In addition to examining how current law affects society, current events are brought to the forefront, as Geragos brings significant details from past and present experiences. Geragos has made notable marks on the legal system while representing Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, Susan McDougal, Colin Kaepernick and more.


Title Date published
BARD - Hunter Biden's Ticky-Tack Gun Prosecution 2024-06-09
BARD - Mark Geragos Live From CrimeCon 2024-06-02
BARD - NYC Jury Finds Trump Guilty on All 34 Counts 2024-05-31
BARD - Trump Trial Heads To The Jury 2024-05-26
BARD - Insults Fly in House Oversight Hearing + Michael Cohen Testimony Analysis 2024-05-19
BARD - Stormy Daniels Testifies In Trump Hush Money Trial 2024-05-12
BARD - Vexing Trump NY Trial Media Coverage 2024-05-05
BARD - SCOTUS Weighs in on Trump Immunity Claim 2024-04-28
BARD - Trump NYC Trial Jury Struggles 2024-04-21
BARD - Trump NY Hush Money Trial Approaches 2024-04-14
BEST OF: Fani Willis' Missteps with Special Guest Peter J. Flowers 2024-04-07
BARD - P. Diddy's Miami and L.A. Homes Raided by Homeland Security 2024-03-31
BARD - Fani's Reputation Intact + Shohei Ohtani Betting Scandal 2024-03-24
BARD - The Ruling in Georgia That Keeps Fani Willis on the Case...For Now 2024-03-17
BARD - Fani's Texts Examined and Testimony Inconsistencies Abound 2024-03-10
BARD - Wade's Former Attorney Testifies Further in Fani Willis Disqualification Case 2024-03-03
BARD - Alabama's IVF Ruling Explained By an IVF Lawyer and IVF Mother 2024-02-29
BARD - Fani's Testimony In Question After Wade Cell Phone Data Analysis 2024-02-25
BARD - Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testify In Georgia 2024-02-18
BARD - SCOTUS Weighs In on Colorado's Ballot 2024-02-11

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