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Jesse explains how the large volume of information coming at us causes us to block out and not see things 2024-04-17
Jesse explains how we like to steal the valor of others or claim victimhood and how this applies to the GOP 2024-04-17
Jesse asks what does it mean for the country when Democrats are elected they will flood the country with illegals? 2024-04-17
Jesse talks about a California street communist getting her comeuppance and why this is good news 2024-04-16
Medal Of Honor Monday featuring Korean War U.S. Army vet First Lt. Ralph Puckett Jr. 2024-04-16
Jesse talks about liberal aunt Peggy 2024-04-16
Jesse Talks About Lack of Caring from the Government 2024-04-13
Jesse Talks About Iran Wanting to Control Everything 2024-04-13
Jesse Talks About World War 1 2024-04-13
Jesse talks about FISA 2024-04-12
Jesse talks about the 9-9-9 challenge 2024-04-12
Jesse talks about the declining standard of living and rising food prices 2024-04-12
Michael Brown in for Jesse: Whoopi Goldberg...President Biden...January 6th 2024-04-11
Michael Brown in for Jesse: Support for Israel...Republicans Neglecting Certain States...Meat Processing Facilities 2024-04-11
Michael Brown in for Jesse: Criticism of Congress...Consumer Prices...EPA Rules 2024-04-11
Jesse explains why he is sometimes jealous of communists 2024-04-10
Jesse talks about Republicans hating you 2024-04-10
Jesse talks about an 18 year old possible ISIS supporter and the F.B.I.'s involvement with him 2024-04-10
Jesse talks about Trump's comments on abortion 2024-04-09
Medal Of Honor Monday featuring Army soldier Ron Rosser... 2024-04-09

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