Welcome to The Modesty Files! In this podcast, we’re diving into the world of Christian fundamentalism and interviewing women who have left their churches. Our podcast's goal is to "uncover" their experiences and provide a safe space for women to make sense of their complicated past and reflect on their journey toward recovery.<br /><br />If you are interested in being on the show, send us an email: <a href="mailto:info@themodestyfiles.com">info@themodestyfiles.com</a><br /><br />Follow us on Instagram @themodestyfiles for updates and bonus content.


Title Date published
#42 - Two Sides of the Same Coin: Kathy and Christine, A Mother and Daughters Generational Divide in IBLP 2022-02-16
#41 - Where Are They Now: Unpacking April's Backpack 2022-01-26
#40 - A Cycle of Abuse: How Christian Commitment Led Sarah to a Toxic Marriage 2021-12-01
#39 - The Return of Pastor "Granny" Jane: Billy's Perspective on his Toxic Pentecostal Community 2021-11-24
#38 - Risking it all for Christ: Anne Jisca's Dangerous Year as a Missionary in West Africa 2021-11-17
#37 - A Sinner’s Hell: Clarissa Details Her Upbringing Influenced by Michael and Debi Pearl’s Teachings in "To Train Up a Child" 2021-11-10
#36 - Soft Were Her Curls: Allie Details IBLP and the Actions of Bill Gothard 2021-10-27
#35 - Shattering the Golden Plates: AnnaMarie Breaks Down the Mormon Church 2021-10-20
#34 - ...Or Your Girlfriend: Alex's Coming Out Journey with a Life Shaped Through Bob Jones University 2021-10-13
#33 - Deconstructing with an Audience: Lindsey of TikTok's @cultchronicals Shares Her Experience with Bill Gothard and IBLP - Part Two 2021-10-06
#32 - Deconstructing with an Audience: Lindsey of TikTok's @cultchronicals Shares Her Experience with Bill Gothard and IBLP - Part One 2021-09-29
#31 - Where Are They Now: Lydia's New Life as a Wife and How She Reshaped Her Views on Marriage 2021-09-01
#30 - Where Are They Now: Angela’s Transformational Year Since Speaking Out 2021-08-05
#29 - Jenni's Coming Out Story Part Two: Life on Guam, Conversion Therapy, and the Decade after Leaving Fundamentalism 2021-06-30
#28 - Jenni's Coming Out Story Part One: The Bob Jones's Handbook and Experiences with Anti-LGBTQA+ Practices 2021-06-23
#27 - Redefining Womanhood: How Nick Embraced Her Identity as a Queer Woman 2021-06-16
#26 - Slow Boil Persuasion: Martina's Fall into the Mormon Church 2021-06-09
#25 - From ATI to Bob Jones University: Elizabeth Hunter's Battle to Change Anti-LGBTQA+ Policies 2021-06-02
#24 - Rewriting the Past: Halt's White-Washed Education in History and Politics 2021-05-26
#23 - The IBLP Umbrella in the Land Down Under: Kez’s Life as a Pastor’s Kid 2021-05-19

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