<p>In a world that can feel divisive and bleak, it's easy to get caught up in feelings of hopelessness, but the beautiful, glorious, truth is this: LOVE NEVER FAILS. In the 40 years I’ve been on the airwaves, I’ve implored my listeners to LOVE SOMEONE; Family, friends, neighbors, community, the Lord, and themselves. I’m talking to guests with names you may know, and those you may not. They all have stories meant to inspire you! New episodes drop the 2nd &amp; 4th Tuesday of each month!</p>


Title Date published
Always Choose Love 2017-02-15
The Foundation Of Love 2017-02-08
Loving An Addict 2017-01-27
Embracing The Most Difficult Times 2017-01-17
Rise Above It 2017-01-10
New Year, New Beginnings 2017-01-03
Happiness And Joy 2016-12-27
Things That Truly Matter 2016-12-20
Finding Your Path 2016-12-13

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