Work in Progress with Sophia Bush features frank, funny, personal, professional, and sometimes even political conversations with people who inspire Sophia about how they’ve gotten to where they are, and where they think they’re still going. These discussions stem from her "aha" moment of realizing you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.


Title Date published
Morgan Harper Nichols 2021-06-15
Chris Bosh 2021-06-08
Progress Report #2 + Q&A 2021-06-03
Taylor Jenkins Reid 2021-06-01
Dr. Gladys West 2021-05-25
Mae Martin 2021-05-18
José Andrés 2021-05-11
Jhánneu Roberts (WIP + W&G) 2021-05-06
Brittany Packnett Cunningham 2021-05-04
Alden Wicker (WIP + W&G) 2021-04-29
Ben & Jerry 2021-04-27
Alicia Kennedy (WIP + W&G) 2021-04-22
Diane von Furstenberg 2021-04-20
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (WIP + W&G) 2021-04-15
Andrew Yang 2021-04-13
A Progress Report + Q&A 2021-04-08
Hillary Clinton 2021-04-06
Welcome to Work in Progress Season 2 2021-04-06
Glennon Doyle (re-release) 2021-01-28
Dr. Edith Eger 2021-01-05

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