<p>Anthony Jeselnik is a world famous comedian, Gregg Rosenthal is an analyst for NFL Network and they have been best friends for over 20 years. Each week, JRVP features stories from their lives, deep dives into the darkest and craziest news stories from around the world and essential recommendations to their listeners.&nbsp;The hilarious podcast is about friendship, family and Anthony's unquenchable desire to get Gregg in trouble with his employer and his wife.</p>


Title Date published
Temptation Staircase 2023-03-21
Listen Until The End 2023-03-15
One Ton of Fun 2023-03-08
Cowboy Bootsboy 2023-03-01
Cock-a-doodle Die 2023-02-22
Sing Like No One is Listening 2023-02-15
Sex with Fish 2023-02-07
The Cleanest Part Of The Human Body 2023-02-01
Uh... Baby With A Gun 2023-01-18
Feelin' Myself I'm Conceited 2023-01-11
Chomp 2023-01-04
Bones and All Again 2022-12-21
Bones and All 2022-12-14
No Harm, No Foul 2022-12-07
Yippee Ki-Yay Phantom Thread 2022-11-30
Jump Rope Feels Good 2022-11-16
Gas Bass Back Bass 2022-11-09
More Like Don't-da 2022-10-26
Big Dog Cardigan Boy 2022-10-19
Dead Donkey Dick Dealers 2022-10-12

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