<p>The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.</p>


Title Date published
The Some of The Doughboys Snack Pack 2023-01-05
UNLOCKED: Yarrrctdoughbarrrchest: Pirates of the Caribbean Ride with Captain Snack Tarot aka Kyle Mooney 2022-12-29
UNLOCKED: The Mitchy Clause: A Doughboys Holiday Special 2022-12-22
Steak ‘n Shake 7: Shake Shack 3 with Evan Susser 2022-12-15
85°C Bakery Cafe with Lauren McGuire 2022-12-08
Krispy Kreme 2 with Sam Sanders 2022-12-01
UNLOCKED: Yarrrrrctdoughbarrrrrchest: Garfield's Halloween Adventure with Pirate Paulie aka Paul Rust 2022-11-24
Eataly with Griffin Newman and David Sims 2022-11-17
Subway Breakfast with Lily Sullivan 2022-11-10
The Butcher's Daughter with Zach Cherry 2022-11-03
Yarrrrrrctdoughbarrrrrchest: Blue Bayou with Captain Jason Barbosa aka Jason Sheridan, Michael Will Turner Carlson aka Mike Carlson, and Sauvignon Blanc Beard aka Scott Gairdner aka Podcast the Ride 2022-10-27
Yarrrrrctdoughbarrrrchest: Long John Silver's with Long Dong Silver aka Mano Agapion and Brown Plate aka Betsy Sodaro 2022-10-20
Yarrrrctdoughbarrrchest: Pirates Dinner Adventure with Evil No Handerson aka Eva Anderson 2022-10-13
Yarrrctdoughbarrchest: Pirate's Booty with The Pirate Known Only as Patchy Beard aka Reluctant John, John Hodgman 2022-10-06
Fazoli's with Mitra Jouhari 2022-09-29
Fat Sal's with Matt Christman 2022-09-22
Pressed with Arden Myrin 2022-09-15
Hot Dog on a Stick with Paul F. Tompkins 2022-09-08
Cold Stone Nintendo with Heather Anne Campbell and Matt Apodaca 2022-09-01
Buddy's Detroit-Style Pizza w/ Marisa Pinson (LIVE) 2022-08-25

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