<p>The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.</p>


Title Date published
The Olive Garden with Christine Nangle 2016-05-05
Hillstone with David Phillips 2016-04-28
Sweetgreen with Siobhan Thompson 2016-04-21
Chuck E. Cheese's with Erin McGathy 2016-04-14
Veggie Grill with Nathan Barnatt 2016-04-07
Tournament of Chompions: FINALS - In-N-Out Burger v. Shake Shack 2016-03-31
Tournament of Chompions: Minisode Winner v. Wendy's 2016-03-24
Tournament of Chompions: Minisode - Five Guys v. Shake Shack 2016-03-23
Tournament of Chompions: Carl's Jr./Hardee's v. In-N-Out Burger 2016-03-17
Tournament of Chompions: Steak ‘n Shake v. 6-seed 2016-03-11
Tournament of Chompions: Eat-in Minisode - ??? v. ??? 2016-03-09
Tournament of Chompions: Carl's Jr./Hardee's v. Fuddruckers 2016-03-03
Wendy's with Paul Rust 2016-02-25
Mimi's Cafe with Georgia Hardstark 2016-02-18
Panda Express with Tricia McAlpin 2016-02-12
Togo's with Matty Smith 2016-02-04
Krispy Kreme with Matt Besser 2016-01-28
California Pizza Kitchen with Eva Anderson 2016-01-21
Five Guys with Jefferson Dutton 2016-01-14
Pizza Hut with Neil Campbell 2016-01-07

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