<p>The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.</p>


Title Date published
Portillo's with Jon Gabrus & Christine Nangle (LIVE) 2019-04-11
Sizzle Pie with Bill Oakley (LIVE) 2019-04-04
Munch Madness: Poquito Más vs. Qdoba vs. Taco Bell with Nicole Byer 2019-03-28
Munch Madness: Qdoba vs. Del Taco with Matt Apodaca 2019-03-21
Munch Madness: Poquito Más vs. Taco Bell with Mike Hanford 2019-03-14
Munch Madness: Chipotle vs. Qdoba with Toni Charline 2019-03-07
Native Foods with Tawny Newsome & Alex Kliner 2019-02-28
Little Caesars with John Ross Bowie 2019-02-21
Smoke's Poutinerie with Alana Johnston (LIVE) 2019-02-14
Super Duper Burgers with Eliza Skinner & Jordan Morris (LIVE) 2019-02-07
Cheba Hut with Jon Gabrus (LIVE) 2019-01-31
The Hat with Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion (LIVE) 2019-01-24
Delta Sky Club with John Hodgman 2019-01-17
Poquito Más with Dan Goor 2019-01-10
UNLOCKED! Soup's Up with Joe Hartzler 2019-01-03
UNLOCKED! A Very Doughboys Christmas 2018-12-27
McDonald's with Sarah Silverman 2018-12-20
Papa John's with Lamar Woods 2018-12-13
Rubio's with Mary Holland (LIVE) 2018-12-06
Dairy Queen 2 with Don’t Stop or We’ll Die 2018-11-29

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