<p>The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.</p>


Title Date published
Ample Hills Creamery with Jason Sheridan 2019-12-12
Noah's New York Bagels with Jennie Pierson 2019-12-05
UNLOCKED! Garfield's Thanksgiving with Paul Rust 2019-11-28
99 Restaurant with Nicole Byer & Dano (LIVE) 2019-11-21
Regina Pizzeria with John Hodgman & Nicole Byer (LIVE) 2019-11-14
White Castle with Mike Hanford, Paul Rust, and Fran Gillespie (LIVE) 2019-11-07
The Ate-TL: Cook Out with Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale 2019-10-31
The Ate-TL: Krystal with Sam Richardson 2019-10-24
The Ate-TL: The Varsity with Joe Saunders 2019-10-17
The Ate-TL: Moe's Southwest Grill with Mary Lynn Rajskub 2019-10-10
The Ate-TL: The Flying Biscuit Cafe with Steve Agee 2019-10-03
Rita's Italian Ice with Carl Tart & Christine Nangle (LIVE) 2019-09-26
Marie Callender's with Scott Aukerman 2019-09-19
CAVA with Jamelle Bouie, Carl Tart, and Libby Watson (LIVE) 2019-09-12
Ben's Chili Bowl with Christine Nangle & Carl Tart (LIVE) 2019-09-05
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 2 with Andrew Ti 2019-08-29
Burger King 3 with Haley Mancini 2019-08-22
Lee's Sandwiches with Ify Nwadiwe 2019-08-15
Del Taco 2 with Kevin Bartelt & Yusong Liu 2019-08-08
Subway 2 with R.J. Fried 2019-08-01

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