<p>The Munk Debates podcast is an extension of the main stage events - in subject, speaker selection, tone and format. It will introduce the iconic brand - and its engaging debates about significant issues of our time. Audiences will hear strong and passionate arguments from both sides of an issue so they will have enough information to make up their own minds about where they stand.</p>


Title Date published
Be it Resolved, Net Zero by 2050 is impossible 2023-04-05
Friday Focus: AI Anxiety – Trump Indictment 2023-03-31
Munk Dialogue with Michael Oren: is Israel on the brink of civil war? 2023-03-27
Friday Focus: Putin-Xi Summit – Paris is Burning 2023-03-24
Be it Resolved, Chat GPT will cause more harm than good. 2023-03-22
Friday Focus: Banking Blowup – Iran & Saudi – Eminent Canadians 2023-03-17
Munk Dialogue with Vivian Bercovici: Israel in crisis 2023-03-13
Friday Focus: Israel in Crisis – Chinese Warnings 2023-03-10
Be it Resolved, Ron DeSantis, not Donald Trump, will be the GOP nominee in 2024. 2023-03-07
Friday Focus: Election Interference – Nigeria & Israel 2023-03-03
Munk Dialogue with Bjorn Lomborg: how to actually meet Sustainable Development Goals 2023-02-28
Friday Focus: Ukraine War Anniversary - Nigeria Election - Israel's Democracy 2023-02-24
Be it Resolved, it’s time to abolish the British Monarchy 2023-02-22
Friday Focus: Balloons, UFOs and Jets – Musk Misogyny 2023-02-17
Munk Dialogue with Gideon Rachman: The Age of the Strongman 2023-02-14
Friday Focus: Germany – Japan 2023-02-10
Be it Resolved, Hybrid Work is here to stay 2023-02-07
Friday Focus: Inflation Fight – Israel 2023-02-03
Be it Resolved, Davos is back and more relevant than ever 2023-02-02
Friday Focus: Tanks to Ukraine – Kids Today 2023-01-27

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