<p>The Munk Debates podcast is an extension of the main stage events - in subject, speaker selection, tone and format. It will introduce the iconic brand - and its engaging debates about significant issues of our time. Audiences will hear strong and passionate arguments from both sides of an issue so they will have enough information to make up their own minds about where they stand.</p>


Title Date published
Be it Resolved, the western media has an anti-Israel bias 2023-11-28
Munk Dialogue with John Spencer: how to dismantle Hamas terror tunnels 2023-11-20
Be it Resolved, liberalism gets the big questions right 2023-11-14
Munk Dialogue with Mohamed El-Erian: A plan to fix a fractured world 2023-11-09
Munk Dialogue with Leon Cooperman: anti-semitism on college campuses 2023-11-02
Munk Dialogue with Munk Dialogue with George Will, Ash Sarkar, Jacob Rees Mogg, and Sohrab Ahmari 2023-10-30
Be it Resolved, the US should call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza 2023-10-27
Munk Dialogue with Robert D. Kaplan: the challenge of urban warfare in Gaza 2023-10-17
Munk Dialogue with Bret Stephens: Israel under attack 2023-10-11
Be it Resolved, DEI workplace programs do more harm than good 2023-10-04
Munk Dialogue with Fredrik DeBoer: How the Elites at the Social Justice Movement 2023-09-26
Friday Focus: Canada-India Bust-up 2023-09-22
Be it Resolved, traditional gender roles make for a happier marriage 2023-09-20
Big Israel / Big Iran – Progressivism 2023-09-15
Munk Dialogue with David Brooks: How to Know a Person 2023-09-12
Friday Focus: G20 or G-zero? 2023-09-08
Be it Resolved, Gen Z is unemployable 2023-09-05
Housing: The Theory of Everything 2023-09-01
Munk Dialogue with Graham Allison: the deteriorating relationship between the US and China 2023-08-29
Friday Focus: Prigozhin - Trump 2023-08-25

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