<p>The Munk Debates podcast is an extension of the main stage events - in subject, speaker selection, tone and format. It will introduce the iconic brand - and its engaging debates about significant issues of our time. Audiences will hear strong and passionate arguments from both sides of an issue so they will have enough information to make up their own minds about where they stand.</p>


Title Date published
Munk Dialogue with Gregg Carlstrom: Israel and Iran's shadow war explodes into the open 2024-04-15
Munk Dialogue with Richard Haass: a crumbling world order 2024-04-09
Be it Resolved, TikTok is a national security threat and should be sold or banned. 2024-04-03
Be it Resolved, American workers have never had it so good 2024-03-28
Be it Resolved, Donald Trump is a weak general election candidate. 2024-03-18
Munk Dialogue with Rose Gottemoeller: assessing Russia’s nuclear threats 2024-03-13
Munk Dialogue with Gilead Sher: why a two-state solution is the only viable path to peace 2024-03-06
Be it Resolved, the Democrats need a new nominee 2024-02-27
Munk Dialogue with Sarah Paine: the rise of the Russia-China axis 2024-02-22
Be it Resolved, western governments must resume funding to UNRWA 2024-02-12
Munk Dialogue with John Mearsheimer: why Ukraine needs to break ties with the West 2024-02-07
Munk Dialogue with David Horovitz: is it possible to defeat Hamas? 2024-01-30
Munk Dialogue with Michael Knights: Houthi attacks in the Red Sea 2024-01-24
Munk Dialogue with Lenore Skenazy: the importance of raising free-range kids 2024-01-18
Munk Dialogue with Greg Lukianoff: how to fix higher education 2024-01-10
Munk Dialogue with Zhou Bo: Why China sees Taiwan as its biggest national security concern 2024-01-02
The best debates of 2023 2023-12-27
Munk Dialogue with Michael Geist: Why the Online News Act is a policy disaster 2023-12-19
Be it Resolved, Henry Kissinger was one of history’s great statesmen 2023-12-12
Munk Dialogue with Yossi Klein Halevi: for Israel, this is a war of necessity 2023-12-07

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