Hot Takedown is the weekly sports podcast from FiveThirtyEight. On it, the crew uses numbers to dissect the week in sports, taking down some silly hot takes in the process.


Title Date published
"Kaepernick won't play in the NFL again" 2019-11-19
Let's Blame Analytics: Load Management Edition 2019-11-12
"Steph's Broken Hand Is A Blessing" 2019-11-05
Our 2020 (Super Bowl) Draft 2019-10-29
Jalen Rose Is Mad At Us 2019-10-22
"Blame It On The Juice" 2019-10-15
We're Unleashing Our New NBA Metric 2019-10-08
"Lopsided Is MLB's New Normal" 2019-10-01
"The NBA Missed The Point" 2019-09-24
"The Saints Will Survive. The Steelers Are Done." 2019-09-17
"Antonio Brown Orchestrated His Exit" 2019-09-10
NFL Predictions: Truth Hurts For The Minnesota Vikings 2019-09-03
Andrew Luck: Brave or Millennial? 2019-08-27
"The Youths Have Taken Over Baseball" 2019-08-20
"Nothing Says 'Fantasy' Like Risk Management" 2019-08-13
The Whole Show's A Rabbit Hole 2019-08-06
"Mets In Perpetual Chaos" 2019-07-30
"Zeke Should Hold Out" 2019-07-23
"Good Luck Betting On The 2019-20 NBA" 2019-07-16
"We Want Infinite All-Star Rosters" 2019-07-09

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