Hot Takedown is the weekly sports podcast from FiveThirtyEight. On it, the crew uses numbers to dissect the week in sports, taking down some silly hot takes in the process.


Title Date published
"The Youths Have Taken Over Baseball" 2019-08-20
"Nothing Says 'Fantasy' Like Risk Management" 2019-08-13
The Whole Show's A Rabbit Hole 2019-08-06
"Mets In Perpetual Chaos" 2019-07-30
"Zeke Should Hold Out" 2019-07-23
"Good Luck Betting On The 2019-20 NBA" 2019-07-16
"We Want Infinite All-Star Rosters" 2019-07-09
"The Knicks Need To Grow Up" 2019-07-02
"Is The USWNT As Good As We Thought?" 2019-06-25
"Survival Of The Takiest" 2019-06-18
The Warriors' Incredible Win And Horrible Loss 2019-06-11
"Serena Should Win Every Slam" 2019-06-04
"#WarriorsIn4" 2019-05-28
"Bottom Line: Pay Women The Same" 2019-05-21
"The Raptors Need To Be Better" 2019-05-14
"The Red Sox Should Be Fine" 2019-05-07
"The Giants Drafted A Backup QB" 2019-04-30
"The Rockets Can Beat The Warriors" 2019-04-23
"Tiger Will Catch Jack" 2019-04-16
"Giannis Is Clearly The MVP" 2019-04-09

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