Welcome to Get Yo Ass Up Podcast with Tony The Closer, where we inspire and motivate you to never give up on your dreams. Tony is a former NFL athlete who was cut from the team and turned his life around by becoming one of the top salesmen in the world. He overcame personal setbacks such as going to jail and being bankrupt to achieve incredible success, and he's here to share his hard-earned insights and lessons with you. On this podcast, we feature celebrity guests, successful entrepreneurs, and Tony's network to give you real-world advice on how to achieve success in all aspects of life. Whether you're looking to build a successful business, achieve financial freedom, or simply need some motivation to keep pushing forward, Tony and his guests have got you covered. Join us for inspiring conversations and insights that will help you Get Yo Ass Up and achieve your dreams. So hit that subscribe button and never miss an episode of Get Yo Ass Up Podcast with Tony The Closer!


Title Date published
Clinton Portis Reflects: A Journey from the Sip to NFL Stardom 2024-02-26
Beyond the Belt: Bill Haney on Family, Faith, and Fighting Spirit 2024-02-26
Vanessa's Investment Nightmare -The Sinister Web of Real Estate Deceit 2024-02-21
$15,000 Property Trap - Officer Eli Returns to Unveil the Truth 2024-02-21
Tony Exposes Greg's Mentee's Phony Claims 2024-02-21
Dreams Shattered – Investor's Home Faces Demolition After Greg's Deception 2024-02-21
Philly Fraud Exposed, Greg Parker's Fall, and Batman Tries to Save the Day Again 2024-02-21
Tony's Instagram Vanished, but the Fight for Accountability Persists 2024-02-21
Investor's Harrowing $100,000 Experience with Greg 'Big Business' Parker 2024-02-21
Nicki Minaj's Beef with DJ Envy Call Real Estate Busted Pink Friday 2 2024-02-21
DJ Envy’s Business Partner Cesar Pina Aka Flipping NJ Breaks His Silence Finally 2024-02-21
Tony The Closer ETHERS DJ Akademiks! MUST LISTEN 2024-02-21
Real Estate or Real Fake? DJ Envy's Ponzi Scheme Unpacked 2024-02-21
Jeff Robinson: Son's Tragic Death & $325k Investment with Cesar Pina 2024-02-21
Discussion on DJ Envy's Real Estate Ponzi Scheme with Funk Flex & Tony The Closer 2024-02-21
Haad Exposes Greg Parker's Lies On The Get Yo Ass Up Show With Tony The Closer 2024-02-21
Marvel to Mugshot: Tony The Closer Covers the Week's Craziest Headlines! On The Get Yo Ass Up Show 2024-02-21
Latest Developments in the Fight Against Greg Parker with Tony The Closer 2024-02-21
Tony The Closer EXPOSES Greg Parker's $54k Scam & Heather's Shocking Secret 2023-12-17
Scam Alert! Tony The Closer Takes Down Greg Parker's Scheme 2023-12-17

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