Science News and Qs, a Carnegie Science Center Podcast. Hosts Charissa Sedor and Ralph Crewe talk about science headlines, delve deeper into cool science topics and answer listener submitted science questions with a fun, Carnegie Science Center style. Submit science questions to, or call in to 412-237-3327.


Title Date published
Dog Treats 2018-10-19
The More You Glow 2018-09-27
Snack SNaQ: The Journey of the Bolus 2018-09-10
You Win Sun You Lose Sun 2018-08-20
A Song of Science with Helen Arney 2018-07-30
Gas Giants and Chocolate Money with Steve Mould 2018-07-04
A Bite of the Art of the Brick 2018-06-17
Planet SNaQ 2018-06-10
New Bricks and a Bite of Mars 2018-05-31
The Feynman Century and the Volcano 2018-05-11
Stalking Giant Sloths with 3 Blue 1 Brown 2018-04-29
Fluorescent Puffins and Practical Engineering 2018-04-18
A Sonification Bite 2018-03-29
From Garbage Patches to the Stars Featuring Anna Voelker 2018-03-25
Thank You Stephen Hawking 2018-03-14
Touching the Sun with Women in Science 2018-03-13
A Quick Bite of a Termite (Featuring an Entomologist!) 2018-03-02
Peanuts, Supernovae, and the Winter Olympics 2018-02-25
The Cephalopodcast 2018-02-12
You Asked: Really Loud Roosters and Supervolcanoes 2018-01-26

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