<p>Each week comedians Doug Benson and Doug Mellard meet new Dougs in an effort to find the best and most exciting Dougs in the world. And don’t worry, women are invited to participate as well.</p>


Title Date published
Clear the Dougout with Trey Galyon 2020-10-23
Karen Digs Dougs with Karen Anderson 2020-10-16
All Dougs Go to Heaven 2020-10-09
I’m Doug and I’m Outta Here with DJ Douggpound and Lara Beitz 2020-10-02
Doug Men Tell Doug Tales with Dustin Ybarra and Geoff Tate 2020-09-18
Must Love Dougs with Jade Catta-Preta and Bil Dwyer 2020-09-11
Doug Babalabalabagh with Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Judy Gold 2020-09-04
Leave a Doug, Take a Doug with Oscar Nuñez and Suzy Nakamura 2020-08-28
Dougs Like Us with Justin Douglas Martindale and Sara Weinshenk 2020-08-21
Get Down Doogie Oogie Oogie with Doogie Horner and Noël Wells 2020-08-14
Three Dougs with Doug Jones 2020-08-07
Teach Me How to Douglas with Fortune “Dougie” Feimster and Geoff Tate 2020-07-31
The Dougalorian with Douglas Farrell and Michelle Biloon 2020-07-24
Cool Douggings with Doug E. Doug and Anna Roisman 2020-07-17
Doug Day Afternoon with Amy Miller 2020-07-10
Coming Soon: Wide World of Dougs! 2020-07-02

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