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Title Date published
Best of The Herd: 10/04/2018 2018-10-04
Tom Brady, NBA GMs, Patrick Mahomes, & Nick Saban 2018-10-04
Best of The Herd: 10/03/2018 2018-10-03
Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Lakers, and the Warriors 2018-10-03
Middlekauff - Pat Mahomes MNF Magic; Earl Thomas/Seahawks bad blood; Josh Rosen's debut 2018-10-02
Best of The Herd: 10/02/2018 2018-10-02
Patrick Mahomes, tackling rule, Steelers, Earl Thomas, & the Herd Hierarchy 2018-10-02
Best of The Herd: 10/01/2018 2018-10-01
Baker Mayfield, Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, & where Colin was right & wrong 2018-10-01
Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5: 09/29/2018 2018-09-29
Middlekauff - Offensive coaching, Kirk Cousins, Clemson and Middlekauff Mailbag 2018-09-29
Best of The Herd: 09/28/2018 2018-09-28
Jared Goff, Clay Matthews, Tom Brady, and LeBron James 2018-09-28
Gottlieb - All Ball - w/special guest Sam Vecenie 2018-09-28
Best of The Herd: 09/27/2018 2018-09-27
Baker Mayfield, LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Kevin Durant 2018-09-27
Best of The Herd: 09/26/2018 2018-09-26
LeBron James, Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett, & Jerry Jones 2018-09-26
Middlekauff - Jimmy G, Baker Mayfield, Kahlil Mack, Patriot demise, Middlekauff Mailbag and moreā€¦ 2018-09-26
Best of The Herd: 09/25/2018 2018-09-25

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