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Title Date published
The Herd-HOUR-3-QB grades 2020-09-15
3 and Out - Big Ben Back, Fangio WYD; Tompa Needs Time; Rodgers Flex; Wentz, Jimmy G Q's; Week 1 Hits/Misses; Masks; Mailbag 2020-09-15
Best of The Herd for Sep 14, 2020 2020-09-14
The Herd-HOUR-1-Cowboys, Buccaneers, Joe Burrow 2020-09-14
The Herd-HOUR-2-Right & wrong, Panthers, Packers 2020-09-14
The Herd-HOUR-3-NFL week 1 2020-09-14
'Boys and Girl - Week 1 Rams Preview with NFL Network's Omar Ruiz; Beat Writer Jori Epstein on Dak's Contract Status, Opening Up About Mental Health 2020-09-12
All Ball - No Going Back from All Inclusive NCAA Tourney; Clippers, Lakers Potential Matchup Preview; Michael Porter, Jr.'s Rookie Media Mistake 2020-09-12
Blazing 5 - Week 1 2020-09-12
Best of The Herd for Sep 11, 2020 2020-09-11
The Herd-HOUR-1-Chiefs, Rockets, Tom Brady 2020-09-11
The Herd-HOUR-2-Blazing 5, Patrick Mahomes 2020-09-11
The Herd-HOUR-3-Game breakers, Texans 2020-09-11
3 and Out - Chiefs Even Scarier, Bad Deshaun Night; Brady/Belichick Uncertainty; Rams Questions; 3 for the $ ATS Picks; Mailbag 2020-09-11
Best of The Herd for Sep 10, 2020 2020-09-10
The Herd-HOUR-1-Chiefs, Kawhi, Cowboys 2020-09-10
The Herd-HOUR-2-Raiders, NBA title, Aaron Rodgers 2020-09-10
The Herd-HOUR-3-NFL 2020-09-10
Inside the Parker - Wild Short Season Playoff Picture; Cal Ripken Record at 25; 2x All-Star Cliff Floyd on Young Stars; Suzyn Waldman on Yankees Struggles 2020-09-10
Best of The Herd for Sep 09, 2020 2020-09-09

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