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Title Date published
Gottlieb: Deep dive into Markelle Fultz's mental block; Tough time to be a Duke hater; LeBron's first trademark game as a Laker 2018-11-16
Best of The Herd: 11/15/2018 2018-11-15
LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Warriors, and the Steelers 2018-11-15
Best of The Herd: 11/14/2018 2018-11-14
Warriors, Le'Veon Bell, LeBron James, and the Cowboys 2018-11-14
Best of The Herd: 11/13/2018 2018-11-13
Warriors, nicknames, Patriots, young coaches, & the Herd Hierarchy 2018-11-13
Middlekauff - 3 and Out - Shanahan keeps impressing; Cowboys closer than you think; It's over for Gronk; Rams and Saints Super Bowl favorites 2018-11-13
Best of The Herd: 11/12/2018 2018-11-12
Cowboys, Eagles, Lakers, Aaron Rodgers, & where Colin was right and wrong 2018-11-12
Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5: 11/10/2018 2018-11-10
Best of The Herd: 11/09/2018 2018-11-09
Steelers, Lakers, Aaron Rodgers, and the Blazing 5 2018-11-09
Best of The Herd: 11/08/2018 2018-11-08
LeBron Makes the Right Decision Again, Dez Is Part of a Trend and the Cowboys Are Not Getting Better 2018-11-08
Gottlieb: Zion Williamson and Duke's Fab 5 debut; Kansas/Kentucky/Michigan State first impressions; LaMelo Ball's HS return and NBA future 2018-11-08
Best of The Herd: 11/07/2018 2018-11-07
Dez Bryant, Saints, Patriots, Le'Veon Bell, and the Cowboys 2018-11-07
Best of The Herd: 11/06/2018 2018-11-06
Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, Le'Veon Bell, & the Herd Hierarchy 2018-11-06

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