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Title Date published
Joe Flacco, Lakers, LeBron James, and Antonio Brown 2019-02-13
Best of The Herd: 02/12/2019 2019-02-12
Paul George, Magic Johnson, Kyler Murray, and Antonio Brown 2019-02-12
Middlekauff - 3 & Out - Kyler Murray decides; Kareem Hunt signs; AAF takeaways; Gase/Williams already butting heads 2019-02-12
Best of The Herd: 02/11/2019 2019-02-11
Lakers, Dak Prescott, Kevin Durant, Kyler Murray and the AAF 2019-02-11
Lakers, Kevin Durant, and the NBA trade deadline 2019-02-08
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Middlekauff's backstory; NBA vs. NFL player movement; Kyler Murray's height a combine turn-off 2019-02-08
Gottlieb – All Ball - Case for keeping the East/West NBA Playoff format; Zion as a small-ball NBA 5; Guest: Athlete financial advisor Mike Haddix, Jr. talks business 2019-02-08
Best of The Herd: 02/07/2019 2019-02-07
Kevin Durant has thin skin, Lakers turmoil, Pelicans ineptitude and NBA trade deadline news 2019-02-07
The Lakers, Sean McVay, The Patriots and Kevin Durant 2019-02-06
Best of The Herd: 02/06/2019 2019-02-06
Best of The Herd: 02/05/2019 2019-02-05
Tom Brady-Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and sport biases 2019-02-05
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Belichick's experience matters; Pats' core shines; Goff's limitations exposed 2019-02-05
Best of The Herd: 02/04/2019 2019-02-04
Tom Brady, Rams, Julian Edelman, and LeBron James 2019-02-04
Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5: 02/02/2019 2019-02-02
Best of The Herd: 02/01/2019 2019-02-01

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