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Title Date published
Inside the Parker - Verlander Dominance; Twins Record HR Barrage; Aquino's August Explosion; Guests: Michael Bourne, Lavelle Neal 2019-09-04
Best of The Herd: 09/03/2019 2019-09-03
Jerry vs. Zeke, Texans-Seahawks Trade, Aaron Rodgers and The Herd Hierarchy 2019-09-03
3 and Out: Texans' Clowney Clown Show; Melvin Gordon Victimhood; Oregon Plays Scared; Dolphins' 'Process' Issues; Mailbag 2019-09-03
Best of The Herd for Sep 02, 2019 2019-09-02
The Herd Full Show for Sep 02, 2019 2019-09-02
Wins & Losses – Clay Travis chats with Colin Cowherd 2019-09-02
Saturday Special - Colin chats with RJ Bell and Brad Powers 2019-08-31
Best of The Herd: 08/30/2019 2019-08-30
Ezekiel Elliot, Eli Manning, Josh Rosen and the NFL Preseason 2019-08-30
All Ball - New Kobe/Shaq Feud; Dwight Howard's L.A. Role; Boogie's Downfall; Guest: BTN Analyst, Ex-Iowa Star, Jess Settles 2019-08-30
3 and Out - Final Cut Down Realities; Dan Snyder's Dumpster Fire; Pressure on Oregon; Romo MNF No-Brainer; Quick Hits; Mailbag 2019-08-30
Best of The Herd: 08/29/2019 2019-08-29
Jerry Jones, Michael Jordan, & the AFC West 2019-08-29
Best of The Herd: 08/28/2019 2019-08-28
Why the Rodgers-LaFleur Connection Will Work 2019-08-28
Inside the Parker - Acuña Superstar Status; Dodgers/Yankees Blockbuster WS?; Astros Cy Young Stranglehold; Guests: Jacque Jones 2019-08-28
Best of The Herd: 08/27/2019 2019-08-27
Andrew Luck and NFL Predictions 2019-08-27
Middlekauff - Luck Retirement Misconceptions; Bet On Ballard; AFC Ripple Effect; Weekend Thoughts; Middlekauff Mailbag 2019-08-27

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