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Title Date published
Best of The Herd: 05/17/2019 2019-05-17
Warriors-Blazers, Browns, Kevin Durant, and the Pelicans 2019-05-17
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Jets GM mess; NFL doesn't need a draft lottery; Guest: Oklahoma Dir. Player Personnel Drew Hill on Baker, Kyler and Jalen Hurts 2019-05-17
Best of The Herd: 05/16/2019 2019-05-16
Warriors, Zion Williamson, Jets, and Odell Beckham Jr. 2019-05-16
Gottlieb - All Ball - Warriors still better with KD; Zion/Pelicans thoughts; Guest - Big 3 #1 Pick Royce White on mental health, flying, battling the NBA 2019-05-16
Best of The Herd: 05/15/2019 2019-05-15
Draft Lottery, Jets, Zion Williamson, Warriors, and Kevin Durant 2019-05-15
Parker – Inside the (Rob) Parker - Springer's MVP start; Ohtani still mashes; Rob's Top 3 MLB Teams; Guests: Pitcher Edwin Jackson, Dodgers' reporter Cole Wright 2019-05-15
Best of The Herd: 05/14/2019 2019-05-14
NBA draft, Zion Williamson, Knicks, and the Warriors 2019-05-14
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Warriors/Patriots culture parallels; Bad look for Le'Veon; Dallas should wait to pay Dak; Mailbag 2019-05-14
Best of The Herd: 05/13/2019 2019-05-13
Sixers, Raptors, Steph Curry, and the Lakers 2019-05-13
Best of The Herd: 05/10/2019 2019-05-10
76ers, Ben Simmons, Lakers, Warriors-Rockets, and the Browns 2019-05-10
Gottlieb – All Ball - Kyrie/Celtics postmortem; Lakers' Ty Lue mess; Rockets/Warriors, minus KD; Guest: BYU Asst. Chris Burgess 2019-05-10
Best of The Herd: 05/09/2019 2019-05-09
Warriors-Rockets, Lakers, Jeanie Buss, and Kyrie Irving 2019-05-09
Best of The Herd: 05/08/2019 2019-05-08

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