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Title Date published
Best of The Herd: 05/28/2019 2019-05-28
Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Lakers dysfunction, and the Raiders 2019-05-28
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – NFL "Max" QB's; Brady the G.O.A.T. teammate; Lamar Jackson has problems 2019-05-28
Best of The Herd: 05/27/2019 2019-05-27
NBA, Raptors, Kevin Durant, MVP, and the Warriors 2019-05-27
Best of The Herd: 05/24/2019 2019-05-24
Bucks-Raptors, Klay Thompson, and LeBron James 2019-05-24
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Edelman smart to stay a Pat; Rookie OTA injury bug; Middlekauff Mailbag 2019-05-24
Gottlieb - All Ball - Juwan Howard to Michigan thoughts; KD's All-NBA snub; Blazers Asst. David Vanterpool goes inside their playoff run 2019-05-24
Best of The Herd: 05/23/2019 2019-05-23
Drake, Kevin Durant, Raiders, and famous fans 2019-05-23
Best of The Herd: 05/22/2019 2019-05-22
Bucks-Raptors, Kevin Durant, Lakers, and Aaron Rodgers 2019-05-22
Inside the (Rob) Parker - Mets are a mess; Vlad Jr. blows up; Top 3 MLB teams; Guests: Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, Yankees analyst David Cone 2019-05-22
Best of The Herd: 05/21/2019 2019-05-21
Warriors, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and the Steelers 2019-05-21
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Reuben Foster's Finished; Carr's all-time bad Montana take; Gerald McCoy' best fits; Middlekauff's Mailbag 2019-05-21
Best of The Herd: 05/20/2019 2019-05-20
Steph Curry, Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson, and where Colin was right and wrong 2019-05-20
Colin talks XFL with Fox Sports CEO and Executive Producer Eric Shanks 2019-05-18

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