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Title Date published
Cowboys-Eagles, Bears, Lamar Jackson, and where Colin was right & wrong 2019-10-21
Blazing 5 - Week 7 2019-10-19
Patrick Mahomes, Cowboys-Eagles, Tom Brady, & the Blazing 5 2019-10-18
Best of The Herd: 10/18/2019 2019-10-18
3 and Out - Mahomes Injury Panic; Ramsey Trade Breakdown; Harbaugh Needs Penn State W; Week 7 Preview; Mailbag 2019-10-18
Chiefs-Broncos, Jalen Ramsey, GM Poll, & NCAAF picks 2019-10-17
Best of The Herd: 10/17/2019 2019-10-17
All Ball - LeBron's China Mistake; One-And-Dones Wind Down; Former Kansas Star Eric Chenowith On Expectations, KU Struggles 2019-10-17
Best of The Herd: 10/16/2019 2019-10-16
Cowboys, Rams, Super Bowl teams, and Baker Mayfield 2019-10-16
Inside the Parker - Nats World Series Madness; Astros Storm Back; Guest: D.C. Anchor Darren Haynes on Washington's Run 2019-10-16
Best of The Herd: 10/15/2019 2019-10-15
Lions-Packers, Elite Quarterbacks, and the Herd Hierarchy 2019-10-15
3 and Out - Refs Ruin MNF; Shanahan Dominates McVay; Chargers' L.A. Disaster; Cowboys/Eagles Preview; Baker's Bad Again 2019-10-15
Best of The Herd: 10/14/2019 2019-10-14
NFL surprises, Cowboys, Browns, and where Colin was right & wrong 2019-10-14
Blazing 5 – Week 6 2019-10-12
Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Panthers, OBJ, & the Blazing 5 2019-10-11
Best of The Herd: 10/11/2019 2019-10-11
3 and Out - 6-0 Pats Can Improve; Danny INT's; Burrow Over Herbert?; Full Week 6 Preview; Mailbag 2019-10-11

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