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Title Date published
Best of The Herd for Aug 28, 2020 2020-08-28
The Herd-HOUR-1-LeBron James, Joe Burrow, other sports 2020-08-28
The Herd-HOUR-2-Pressure, Jordan Love 2020-08-28
The Herd-HOUR-3-NBA players 2020-08-28
3 and Out - NFL Avoids Game Boycotts; Boot Dan Snyder For Bezos; Jordan Love Struggles Don't Matter; Mailbag 2020-08-28
All Ball - NBA Bubble on the Brink; Pistons Guard Langston Galloway on Bubble Exclusion, Path from Undrafted to Knicks, Huge MSG Debut 2020-08-28
Best of The Herd for Aug 27, 2020 2020-08-27
The Herd-HOUR-1-NBA, LeBron James 2020-08-27
The Herd-HOUR-2-NBA bubble 2020-08-27
The Herd-HOUR-3-NBA players 2020-08-27
Inside The Parker - Brewers/Reds Join Bucks; Giolito No-No; Gerrit Cole Streak Snapped; Gary Sheffield Talks Player Protests 2020-08-27
Best of The Herd for Aug 26, 2020 2020-08-26
The Herd-HOUR-1-Clippers, Luka Doncic, Cowboys 2020-08-26
The Herd-HOUR-2-Steelers, Joe Burrow 2020-08-26
The Herd-HOUR-3-Fan bases 2020-08-26
Best of The Herd for Aug 25, 2020 2020-08-25
The Herd-HOUR-1-Lakers, Cowboys, Big Ten 2020-08-25
The Herd-HOUR-2-Patriots, star players, predictions 2020-08-25
The Herd-HOUR-3-NBA bubble 2020-08-25
'Boys and Girl - Earl Thomas Watch; Ex-Cowboys QB Coach Jon Kitna Talks Dak, Garrett Era Ending; Trainer Brandon Tucker on Aldon Smith, Trysten Hill Turnarounds 2020-08-25

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