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Title Date published
Middlekauff - 3 & Out - Chris Simms' QB list issues; Jerry has a Zeke problem; AFC North O/U; Middlekauff Mailbag 2019-07-05
Best of The Herd: 07/04/2019 2019-07-04
Kawhi watch, Kevin Durant, and villains in sports 2019-07-04
Gottlieb – All Ball - Clippers vs. Lakers Kawhi fit with NBA writer Dan Woike; Pistons Asst. GM Pat Garrity on transition from player to front office 2019-07-04
Best of The Herd: 07/03/2019 2019-07-03
NBA mobility, Kawhi Leonard, USWNT, and Ben Simmons 2019-07-03
Parker – Inside the (Rob) Parker - RIP Tyler Skaggs; Josh Bell hits bombs; HR Derby needs Trout; Guests: Former slugger Cecil Fielder, Indians Play-By-Play Voice Tom Hamilton 2019-07-03
Best of The Herd: 07/02/2019 2019-07-02
Super teams, Lakers, Kawhi Leonard, and the Warriors 2019-07-02
Middlekauff - 3 & Out - 2011 NBA and NFL Drafts shaped leagues; NFL/NBA media differences; NFC South O/U's; Middlekauff Mailbag 2019-07-02
Best of The Herd: 07/01/2019 2019-07-01
Kawhi Leonard, Lakers, Nets, and NBA free agency 2019-07-01
Saturday Special - Colin Speaks w/ FOX Soccer Analyst Stu Holden 2019-06-29
Best of The Herd: 06/28/2019 2019-06-28
Lakers, Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant 2019-06-28
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – NFL vs. NBA free agency; Zions in the NFL; AFC South O/U's' Middlekauff Mailbag 2019-06-28
Best of The Herd: 06/27/2019 2019-06-27
Zion Williamson, Kawhi Leonard, rivalries, and the Lakers 2019-06-27
Gottlieb - All Ball - Kyrie will exhaust KD; UCLA Asst. Mike Lewis on coaching with Brad Stevens and playing for Bobby Knight 2019-06-27
Kevin Durant, Zion Williamson, Baker Mayfield, and changes in sports 2019-06-26

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