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Title Date published
Best of The Herd: 11/06/2019 2019-11-06
Lakers-Clippers, Dak Prescott, Baker Mayfield, & NCAAFB rankings 2019-11-06
'Boys and Girl - MNF Win Reaction; Black Cats; Cowboys Second Half Storylines with Clarence Hill Jr. 2019-11-06
Best of The Herd: 11/05/2019 2019-11-05
Cowboys, Aaron Rodgers, Jon Gruden, Cam Newton, & the Herd Hierarchy 2019-11-05
3 and Out - MNF Recap; AFC North Picture; Eagles/Chiefs Handle Adversity; Gruden Good and Bad; London Jags; Week 9 Thoughts 2019-11-05
Best of The Herd: 11/04/2019 2019-11-04
Patriots-Ravens, Browns, Packers, and where Colin was right & wrong 2019-11-04
Blazing 5 - Week 9 2019-11-02
Quarterback face, Josh Gordon, Kyler Murray, and the Blazing 5 2019-11-01
Best of The Herd: 11/01/2019 2019-11-01
3 and Out - 8-0 Niners; Week 9 Preview; Guest - Carson Palmer on Retirement, Andrew Luck, Raiders/Cardinals Cultures; Bengals Exit 2019-11-01
'Boys and Girl - Giants Week 9 Preview with NY Post's Paul Schwartz; NFL Network’s Kim Jones on Jamal Adams Trade Talk Fallout 2019-11-01
Inside the Parker - Nats World Champs; World Series Recap; Hinch's Mistake; Soto Future; Guests: Rod Allen, Johnny Flores, Jr. 2019-11-01
Nationals, NBA problem, Warriors, & Baker Mayfield 2019-10-31
Best of The Herd: 10/31/2019 2019-10-31
All Ball - AD Is Top 5; Kyrie/Nets Concerns; Guest: Hoops Writer Adam Zagoria talks Nets, Knicks, College Hoops 2019-10-31
Best of The Herd: 10/30/2019 2019-10-30
World Series, Cowboys, Anthony Davis, and Baker Mayfield 2019-10-30
'Boys and Girl - Inside Jamal Adams Trade Talk; Dak Contract Update; Michael Bennett Player Reaction; Bennett's Agent Doug Hendrickson 2019-10-30

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