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Title Date published
Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown, Virginia, and the Cowboys 2019-04-09
Middlekauff - 3 & Out - AB keeps looking worse; Rodgers defends himself; Dak should give a discount 2019-04-09
Best of The Herd: 04/08/2019 2019-04-08
Steelers, NBA players poll, Auburn-Virginia, & the end season awards 2019-04-08
Saturday Special - Colin sits down with Darren Rovell 2019-04-06
Best of The Herd: 04/05/2019 2019-04-05
Rodgers/McCarthy Feud, Lakers Desperation, Patriots' Plan and NBA Regular Season Woes 2019-04-05
Middlekauff – 3 & Out – Rodgers looks worse than McCarthy; AAF biz disaster; Nick Bosa pre-draft scouting report 2019-04-05
Best of The Herd: 04/04/2019 2019-04-04
Lakers, Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, and Kevin Durant 2019-04-04
Russell Wilson, Russell Westbrook, Mike McCarthy, and the Warriors 2019-04-03
Best of The Herd: 04/03/2019 2019-04-03
Best of The Herd: 04/02/2019 2019-04-02
Browns-Steelers, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Cardinals, & John Calipari 2019-04-02
Middlekauff - 3 & Out - Scouting the positives over negatives; Rockstar Browns; Inside private pre-draft workouts 2019-04-02
Best of The Herd for Apr 01, 2019 2019-04-01
Duke, Lakers, Zion Williamson, and one and done players 2019-04-01
Saturday Special - Colin sits down with Clay Travis 2019-03-30
Best of The Herd: 03/29/2019 2019-03-29
NCAA Tourney, Zion Williamson, NFL contracts, and pass interference 2019-03-29

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