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Title Date published
3 and Out - Blame Josh Rosen; Belichick's Huge Potential Cam Payoff; Unproven 'Steve Nash' NFL Hire Unlikely; Mailbag 2020-09-04
Best of The Herd for Sep 03, 2020 2020-09-03
The Herd-HOUR-1-Brooklyn Nets Nash, Healthy Thunder, Playoff Madness 2020-09-03
The Herd-HOUR-2-Lamar Jackson, NBA Playoffs 2020-09-03
The Herd-HOUR-3-Steve Nash, B1G Reboot, Best For Last 2020-09-03
Inside the Parker - Rays/Yanks Bad Blood; Padres NL's Top O; RIP Tom Terrific; Guests: MLB Insider Joel Sherman Talks Trade Deadline 2020-09-03
Best of The Herd for Sep 02, 2020 2020-09-02
The Herd-HOUR-1-Kirk Cousins, Alvin Kamara, Jimmy G 2020-09-02
The Herd-HOUR-2-Kyrie Irving, Rockets, Jazz-Nuggets 2020-09-02
The Herd-HOUR-3-Big 10, Rockets 2020-09-02
The Herd-HOUR-3-Chris Paul, Lakers, Mo Dakhil 2020-09-01
The Herd-HOUR-2-Belichick vs Brady, Charles Robinson 2020-09-01
The Herd-HOUR-1-A Winner, Not a Champion, Kansas City Chiefs, Sam Amick 2020-09-01
Best of The Herd for Sep 01, 2020 2020-09-01
3 and Out - Jags Fournette/Ngakoue Fail; Le'Veon Decline; No-Name Cowboys; B1G WTF; Roll With Foles; Derwin James/Impact Injuries; Mailbag 2020-09-01
Best of The Herd for Aug 31, 2020 2020-08-31
The Herd-HOUR-1-Kawhi Leonard, Leonard Fournette 2020-08-31
The Herd-HOUR-2-Lakers-Blazers, John Thompson 2020-08-31
The Herd-HOUR-3-Kawhi, NFL, dress code 2020-08-31
The Herd-Saturday Special- Will Cain, host of "Fox & Friends Weekend" 2020-08-29

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