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Title Date published
Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton, Patriots-Chiefs, & the Herd Hierarchy 2019-09-24
3 and Out - Khalil Mack's Impact; 'Danny Dimes' Jones; Still Buying Philly; Kitchens' Disaster; Jim Harbaugh Failures; Colts' Character 2019-09-24
Best of The Herd: 09/23/2019 2019-09-23
Browns, Giants, Ravens, Cam Newton, & where Colin was right and wrong 2019-09-23
Blazing 5 – Week 3 2019-09-21
Best of The Herd: 09/20/2019 2019-09-20
Dak Prescott, Baker Mayfield, moving on, and the Blazing 5 2019-09-20
3 and Out -Jalen Ramsey Value; Move on From Mariota; Dallas/Dak Waiting Game; Eli's a HOF'er; Week 3 Preview; Mailbag 2019-09-20
Best of The Herd: 09/19/2019 2019-09-19
Baker Mayfield, Eli Manning, and Tom Brady 2019-09-19
All Ball - Team USA Reality Check; Guest - Dan Patrick On His Playing Days, Gunning, Covering 80's/90's College, MJ Finals 2019-09-19
Best of The Herd: 09/18/2019 2019-09-18
Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, Jim Harbaugh, and the Browns 2019-09-18
Inside the Parker - Severino's Stretch Run Return; Altuve's Second Half Tear; Top 3 Teams; Guest: HOF Barry Larkin Talks young Stars 2019-09-18
Best of The Herd: 09/17/2019 2019-09-17
Eli Manning, Browns, Steelers, and the Herd Hierarchy 2019-09-17
3 and Out - Browns Still Off; Steelers' Fitzpatrick Reach; Mahomes/Steph Curry Comp; Old QB Cliff; Julio's Outlier Deal; Week 2 Notes 2019-09-17
Best of The Herd: 09/16/2019 2019-09-16
Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, and where Colin was right & wrong 2019-09-16
Blazing 5 - Week 2 2019-09-14

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