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Title Date published
Green Bay Packers, Real Super Bowl Contenders, Baker Mayfield, Kawhi Leonard 2019-12-24
3 and Out - Cousins Can't; Pats' Survival Instinct; Niners' Chemistry; Cowboys Face Reality; Baker's Broken; Michael Thomas Dominance; Week 16 Recap 2019-12-24
'Boys and Girl - Crushing Philly Loss Reaction, Amari Cooper 4th Down Controversy With Cowboys Writer Dave Helman 2019-12-24
Wentz Is Better than Dak, Darnold Is Better than Baker, and the Cowboys Are Soft 2019-12-23
Best of The Herd for 12/23/2019 2019-12-23
Blazing 5 - Week 16 2019-12-21
Bucks vs. Lakers, Cowboys Must Win This Weekend and Colin's Blazing 5. 2019-12-20
Best of The Herd for Dec 20, 2019 2019-12-20
3 and Out - Coughlin Had To Go; Dabo/Clemson Is Carroll/USC 2.0; Full Week 16 Preview ATS; Mailbag 2019-12-20
OBJ Has Matured, NBA Finals Preview (Lakers/Bucks) and Raiders Rumors 2019-12-19
Best of The Herd for 12/19/2019 2019-12-19
'Boys and Girl - Dak's Shoulder; Offensive Philosophy; Eagles Preview with NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and Orlando Scandrick 2019-12-19
Best of The Herd: 12/18/2019 2019-12-18
Russell Wilson, OBJ, load management, Cowboys-Eagles, and Tom Brady 2019-12-18
Best of The Herd: 12/17/2019 2019-12-17
Drew Brees' Journey, The Cleveland Browns Drama And The Herd Hierarchy 2019-12-17
3 and Out - Brees All-Time Rank; Seattle/GB #1 Seed Battle; Bad Ownership; Eagles/Cowboys Showdown; AFC Playoff Picture; Weekend Thoughts 2019-12-17
'Boys and Girl - Defergate; Rams Blowout Takeaways; New Kicking Issues; Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher on if Garrett's Still Gone 2019-12-17
Best of The Herd 12/16/2019 2019-12-16
Dallas Cowboys, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield and the New England Patriots 2019-12-16

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