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Title Date published
Inside the Parker - No Neutral Site World Series; Shortened Season Legit; Missing Opening Day; Guests - Cecil Fielder, David Justice 2020-03-31
Best of The Herd for Mar 30, 2020 2020-03-30
Cam Newton, GMs, NBA, and where Colin was right and wrong 2020-03-30
Best of The Herd for Mar 27, 2020 2020-03-27
Coronavirus, NBA season, NFL draft, Dak Prescott 2020-03-27
3 and Out - Peyton's MNF Stiff Arm; Cam Deserved Better From Carolina; Rhule Red Flags; XXL Mailbag 2020-03-27
Best of The Herd for Mar 26, 2020 2020-03-26
Cowboys, QBs, MLB, and the Patriots 2020-03-26
All Ball - No Coronavirus Redshirt; Wyoming HC Jeff Linder Paying Coaching Dues, Finding Damian Lillard; Offensive Philosophy, Program Building, 2020-03-26
Best of The Herd for Mar 25, 2020 2020-03-25
NBA, LeBron James, Joe Burrow, NFL draft 2020-03-25
All Ball - Baylor HC Scott Drew On Coronavirus, Tourney Shutdown, What If's, Rebuilding Philosophy, Valpo Buzzer Beater 2020-03-25
Best of The Herd for Mar 24, 2020 2020-03-24
Patriots, Bill Belichick, Dak Prescott, free agency, and the Herd Hierarchy 2020-03-24
3 and Out - Belichick/Brady New Outlook; Offseason Innovation Race; Cut Cam; Headlines; Signings; Mailbag 2020-03-24
Best of The Herd for Mar 23, 2020 2020-03-23
NFL issues, Tom Brady, Derek Carr, NBA, & where Colin was right and wrong 2020-03-23
Saturday Special with David Carter 2020-03-21
Best of The Herd for Mar 20, 2020 2020-03-20
Tom Brady, Todd Gurley, NBA, and the Patriots 2020-03-20

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