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Title Date published
The Herd-HOUR-1- Porzingis Ejection, Blazers Aren't Normal 8th Seed and Rick Bucher 2020-08-18
The Herd-HOUR-2-Dallas Cowboys, MLB's "Unwritten" Rules, Desmond Mason & Stanford Routt 2020-08-18
The Herd-HOUR-3-Chris Spielman 2020-08-18
3 and Out - Early Joe Judge Red Flags; Alex Smith Determination; D.K. Metcalf Breakout Star; Brady's Arians Adjustment; Mailbag 2020-08-18
Best of The Herd for Aug 17, 2020 2020-08-17
The Herd-HOUR-1-NBA playoffs, Baker Mayfield, Zion 2020-08-17
The Herd-HOUR-2-Right & wrong, Jon Gruden 2020-08-17
The Herd-HOUR-3-NBA bracket 2020-08-17
The Herd-Saturday Special-Dana White & Michael Mulvihill-Explicit Language 2020-08-15
Best of The Herd for Aug 14, 2020 2020-08-14
The Herd-HOUR 1-Damian Lillard, Chiefs, Tom Brady 2020-08-14
The Herd-HOUR 2-MLB ratings, Russell Wilson, NCAAFB 2020-08-14
The Herd-HOUR 3-NBA playoffs 2020-08-14
3 and Out - Kittle/Kelce Deserve Record TE Cash; Rams/Chargers Hard Knocks Takes; McDermott Deal; Seahawks Cut GF Smuggler; Mailbag 2020-08-14
'Boys and Girl - Everson Griffen Signing Reaction; Dak Mindset; State of the Cowboys Address; NFL Training Guru Bobby Stroupe Talks Dez, Randy Gregory, COVID Offseason 2020-08-14
Best of The Herd for Aug 13, 2020 2020-08-13
The Herd-HOUR 1-Justin Fields, NBA playoffs, Joe Kelly, testing 2020-08-13
The Herd-HOUR 2-Zion, Dak Prescott 2020-08-13
The Herd-HOUR 3-NBA bubble 2020-08-13
All Ball - Dame Doing Damage; Former Penn State All B1G Guard Pete Lisicky on the Good, Bad, and Ugly From 11 Euro Seasons 2020-08-13

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