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Title Date published
3 and Out - Defending Love, Hurts Picks; Make Dak Prove It; Niners' Trent Williams Home Run; Buying Jameis/Saints; Draft Reaction; Mailbag 2020-04-28
Best of The Herd for Apr 27, 2020 2020-04-27
NFL draft, Packers, Patriots, Eagles, Michael Jordan 2020-04-27
3 and Out - Rodgers' New Green Bay Reality; NFL Draft Rounds 1-3 Reaction; Biggest Winners/Losers 2020-04-25
Colin speaks with Craig Spencer, Directer of Global Health in Emergency Medicine for Columbia Medicine and Jason Hehir, Director of 'The Last Dance' 2020-04-25
Best of The Herd for Apr 24, 2020 2020-04-24
NFL draft, Aaron Rodgers, Cowboys, Raiders 2020-04-24
Best of The Herd for Apr 23, 2020 2020-04-23
NFL draft, rumors, sure things 2020-04-23
All Ball - Lack of Pippen 'Last Dance' Context; 4 x NBA All-Star Mark Price on MJ Battles, 'The Shot,' Shooting, '84 Olympic Tryouts 2020-04-23
Best of The Herd for Apr 22, 2020 2020-04-22
Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Bill Belichick, Joe Burrow, and Jimmy Garoppolo 2020-04-22
Best of The Herd for Apr 21, 2020 2020-04-21
Don't Pass On Tua 2020-04-21
3 and Out - Drafting MJ-like Intangibles; How Far Will Tua Fall?; Jags Are A Joke; Headlines; Mailbag 2020-04-21
Best of The Herd for Apr 20, 2020 2020-04-20
Michael Jordan, Patriots, dynasties, where Colin was right & wrong 2020-04-20
'Boys and Girl - Dak's Pandemic Party Pushback; Cowboys Pre-Draft Signals; More Draft Prospect Interviews! 2020-04-18
Saturday Special with Ethan Strauss and Duke Manyweather 2020-04-18
Best of The Herd for Apr 17, 2020 2020-04-17

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