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Title Date published
Parker MLB - Braves Smart Puig Signing; Céspedes Comeback Watch; Umps Opting Out; Cubs 60-Game Season Preview 2020-07-16
Best of The Herd for Jul 15, 2020 2020-07-15
Dak Prescott, Myles Garrett, Jamal Adams, NBA bubble, NCAAFB 2020-07-15
All Ball - Rondo Loss Impact; Guest: Charles Oakley Talks MJ Relationship, Last Dance, Ewing Criticism, James Dolan Beef Origins, LeBron/MJ Debate, Pippen 2020-07-15
Dak Prescott, Rockets, time off, 76ers 2020-07-15
Best of The Herd for Jul 14, 2020 2020-07-15
3 and Out - W's Will Jumpstart Washington Re-Brand; Cowboys Just Not That Into Dak; Gamblers Deserve Corona Transparency; Mailbag 2020-07-14
Best of The Herd for Jul 13, 2020 2020-07-13
Lakers, Patriots, NBA, Russell Westbrook, where Colin was right & wrong 2020-07-13
All Ball - NBA Bubble Expectations; 'Decision' at 10, Top 2021 HS Prospects with Rivals Analyst Eric Bossi 2020-07-11
Saturday Special - Colin sits down with Patrick Mahomes' High School Coach 2020-07-11
Best of The Herd for Jul 10, 2020 2020-07-10
NCAAFB, stars leaving, top WRs, Ezekiel Elliott 2020-07-10
3 and Out - NFL's Corona Revenue Hit; Can't Pay Raheem Mostert; DeSean Jackson Dumpster Fire; Mailbag 2020-07-10
Best of The Herd for Jul 09, 2020 2020-07-09
Lamar Jackson, Kenny Smith, LeBron James, Jim Harbaugh 2020-07-09
Parker All-MLB - Give Opt-Out MLB'ers a Pass; Mahomes vs. Trout Mega Deals; Joe West Corona Conspiracies; Phillies 60-game season Preview 2020-07-09
Best of The Herd for Jul 08, 2020 2020-07-08
QBs, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, LeBron James 2020-07-08
Patrick Mahomes, Cant Overpay Superstar QBs, Nick Wright, Terry Bradshaw & Michael Vick 2020-07-07

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