<p>Become a more&nbsp;inventive, imaginative you. Every week, Guy Raz (creator of&nbsp;<em>How I Built This)&nbsp;</em>leads a deep dive conversation with someone at the top of their game. From conquering stage fright to learning to be more present and focused, you'll learn how each guest mastered their craft and ultimately became more successful in life. The result? An arsenal of tools and techniques you can apply to your own life and work, allowing you to harness your talent and become a better version of yourself.</p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
Kenan Thompson: How an Atlanta Kid “Manifested” a Mighty Ducks Role, Starred at Nickelodeon, and Became SNL’s Longest-Running Cast Member 2023-02-21
Audra McDonald: The Power of Taking On Work That Scares You (2022) 2023-02-14
Santigold: Harnessing the Power of Punk, Breaking Barriers, and Learning to Call Herself an Artist 2023-02-07
Ryan Tedder: OneRepublic Frontman and Songwriter to Stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Adele 2023-01-31
Carrie Brownstein: The Punk Icon and "Portlandia" Co-Creator on the Myth of the Lone Genius 2023-01-24
Macklemore: Why He Never Signed to a Label, His Struggle with Addiction, and Making Art that Means Something 2023-01-17
Tom Hanks: Telling the Truth, Letting Go of Self-Consciousness, and Embracing the Fun 2023-01-10
Billy Porter: The Star of "Pose" and "Kinky Boots" on Overcoming Adversity, Slaying the Red Carpet, and Staying Ready to be Ready 2023-01-03
Andrew Bird: How Solitude and Burnout Shaped an Acclaimed and Singular Musical Sound 2022-12-27
Danny Elfman: From Avant-Garde Street Performer to Rock Star Film Composer 2022-12-20
Bjork: The Icelandic Superstar on Being a Child Prodigy, the Power of Nature, and How to Stay Creative 2022-12-13
Andy Garcia: From Havana to Hollywood, an A-Lister Who Still Feels Like An Outsider 2022-12-06
Jim Parsons: From Dreaming to Doing By Trusting Your Talent and Saying 'Yes' 2022-11-29
Zooey Deschanel: Stopping Stage Fright in Its Tracks, and How She Turned a “Disorder” Into a Superpower 2022-11-22
Billy Eichner: Playing the Long Game and Breaking New Ground for LGBTQ Audiences 2022-11-15
Weird Al Yankovic: Achieving Massive Success by Leaning Into His True (Nerdy) Self 2022-11-08
Graham Nash: Writing from Experience and Letting Your Heart Lead the Way 2022-11-01
Sigourney Weaver: Conquering Self-Doubt and How to Harness Your Instincts 2022-10-25
Oak Felder: Making Music That Hits a Nerve and How Songwriting Can Be Like Therapy 2022-10-18
Nick Kroll: The Creative Breakthrough That Led to His ‘Exponential’ Growth 2022-10-11

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